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Performance Max (PMAX) is Google's new flagship ad product, offering numerous benefits for advertisers. Around 70% of advertisers are already using automated bidding, and this is PMAX’s favorite setting.

PMAX is designed to be a black box, meaning that many advertisers use it without fully understanding its inner workings.

Below, we will provide a detailed strategy for optimizing your PMAX campaigns for success.

Setting Up Your PMAX Campaigns

Total Number Of Asset Groups

Treat Asset Groups as 'campaigns.' Each campaign can have multiple asset groups based on your needs. For example, create a Black Friday Sale asset group within your PMAX campaigns. This approach allows asset groups to build on the learning of existing campaigns while maintaining the flexibility of turning them on or off as needed. Pro Tip: We suggest no more than 3 asset groups per PMAX Campaign.

Managing PMAX Automatic Setting

Final URL Expansion

Disable this setting to prevent Google from directing traffic based on its own judgment. This gives you better control over your target market.

Text Asset Automation

Turn this off to retain control over your ad copy, preventing Google's AI from writing ad copy for you.

Essential Assets For PMAX Campaigns


For better performance, include one headline with 15 characters or fewer in each asset group.


Choose your best-performing assets from other campaign types.
Include landscape, square, and vertical banners.
Add at least one vertically aligned video under 30 seconds, enabling your ad to appear in YouTube shorts for untapped potential.

Final Key Tips For PMAX Optimization

PMAX requires at least 2 weeks of learning, so avoid making changes during this period.
Changes to existing asset groups or campaign settings restarts the learning. To avoid this, create new asset groups and lower budgets instead of pausing them.
If you have a Google Rep, request the ability to block placements in your PMAX campaigns.
Analyze your entire account's overall health, considering potential conversion attribution issues with PMAX.
Be sure to look at Google's "insights" within the platform to find specific ways to optimize your campaigns.

Mastering PMAX For Better Results

By incorporating the strategies and tips outlined, you can transform PMAX from a money pit into a powerful tool for your business. Don't rely solely on Google's black-box approach; take control of your PMAX campaigns and unlock their full potential for success

Helpful Link: Google's pMax page.

Author: Christie Brady

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