Start Small & Scale Big For Youtube Ads

The AA20 Strategy


Collect existing assets

Usually what you have is good enough to start with on Youtube Ads

Starting quickly is more important than starting perfectly

Prepare Funnel

Landing Pages

Email + Text Automation

Upsells & Downsells

Need-To-Know Metrics

Average Order Value (AOV)
Lifetime Value (LTV)
What you earn so you can know what you can spend

- Margin is for you to decide.

Ad Creative

Ad Creative Prep Work

Identify the audience you DO want & audience you DO NOT want.

- Speak directly to the Do want audience
- Exclude those who DO NOT want. Otherwise, you'll pay for them too!

What is your service?
What is your offer?
What is your hook?
What is unique about you?
Write your script

Record Video Ads

15-60 Seconds
Record this 5 times
Use different backgrounds, tones, presentation styles, etc.



Find Your Perfect Audience On Youtube

10-100 SPECIFIC YouTube Videos
What videos are your perfect customers watching?
Be where your customer is asking for what you are offering!

Build YouTube Ad Campaigns
1 Campaign
1 Ad Group
5 Ad Creatives
$20 Budget
Maximize Conversions bid Strategy

Optimization & Scale

Optimization & Scale

Hit Your Benchmarks

20% View Rate
1% CTR
Lead - 10% Conversion (Minimum - Aim For 40%) this is the minimum. It is better to aim for 40%
Sale: At least 1% on-page conversion rate

Fix What’s Broken
Is your creative not working?
Is your LP not converting?
Are you not getting enough LTV with automation and repeat buyers?
Go back and plug those holes before moving on.


Expand your audience.

- In-Market

- Custom Intent

- Similar-To

- Your offer is ready for prime-time (broad appeal)

Create more creative!

- A|B test, experiment with graphics, add end-screens

- Get creative with your creative

- Evaluate the performance by the audience

- Then create more again!

Author: Christie Brady

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