7 Steps To Optimize Your Google Ads

For Increased Impact


Maximizing the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns is crucial for businesses.

Below are 7 easy & actionable steps to optimize for profit & scale your business via Ad Creatives & Landing pages.

Craft Compelling Headlines

Craft Compelling Headlines

An effective headline instantly captures a customer’s attention and conveys your value proposition. Your headline is your first argument so make it resonate with your target market. There are two easy ways to pump up headlines and ensure they are more optimized:

Address Pain Points Or Highlight Benefits

Remember, people make decisions based on emotions first. Speak to those emotions. Use Odd Numbers, Questions, Or “Power Words”

Odd numbers catch people’s attention more than generic numbers, like 10

Asking questions and using “power words” speaks directly to your audience

A well-crafted headline encourages users to engage with your ad or landing page.

Create Persuasive Ad Copy/Message

Create Persuasive Ad Copy/Message

Leverage ad copy that hits their pain points provides a direct solution to those pain points and explains briefly HOW it's possible. The objective is to get them to relate, feel like they are being heard, and become curious enough to click and learn more.

Hit Their Pain Points

Example 1: Stop___ (insert 3 niche specific pain points) & enjoy ____ (XYZ result) with our ___ (name of your solution)

Example 2: Tired of ______ (insert core pain point)? Get _____ (XYZ result) with our _____ (name of solution)

Example 3: See why ________ (client name) was able to achieve _________ (XYZ result) in __________ (days/weeks/year) with our ________ (name of your solution)

Having good headlines is only half of the battle. You need to ensure that all your copy is compelling enough to drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

Use Engaging Visuals

Use Engaging Visuals

Visually appealing ad creatives grab users' attention & support your message.

You need more than persuasive copy to really be impactful.

Use Facebook Ad Library & Tiktok Creative Center to get an idea of what kinds of video & graphic ads your competitors are using
The best video lengths for YouTube ads are 15 seconds, 30 seconds & 60 seconds
The best videos hit 2-3 pain points, offer a direct solution, speak directly to the audience (business owners, dentists, artists, etc.) & entice viewers to click to learn more
Graphics should contain no more than a 5-8 word sentence, should be very vibrant & speak to a call-to-action that gets users to click

In our increasingly visual world, the images & videos that you use are equally as

important as the words you use.

Design Clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

Design Clear Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

A well-designed CTA guides users toward the desired action & improves conversion rates.

Use Action-Oriented Language

Tell your audience exactly what you want them to do.

"Shop Now"
"Learn More"
"Transform Today"
"Gear Up"

Make CTAs Stand Out Visually

Don't be shy
Put your CTAs in bright colors
Animate them by making them shake or expand in size
Use an animated hand to click your CTA

Without effective CTA’s you will not scale or make the impact you are after. As with everything, test different CTA’s, and don’t be afraid to be bold.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Mobile optimization ensures a seamless user experience across different devices

and screen sizes.

Ensure Responsive Design For Various Screen Sizes

Make sure to test this yourself to see how your landing pages turn out on different devices
Not everyone has the same device so you must optimize for every size and type

Prioritize Fast Load Times On Mobile
Prioritize fast loading times on mobile by using highly compressed file sizes for your images and backgrounds - the smaller the file size, the smaller the payload to load a page

Up to 80% Of Ad Traffic Is Mobile
Failing to create mobile-optimized landing pages will yield you limited results. You want to be in front of your customers on the device they use the most: mobile

Mobile is going to continue to be the largest source of traffic. Always prioritize

mobile ads and landing pages first.

Conduct A/B Testing

Conduct A/B Testing

A/B testing helps identify the highest-performing elements of your ad creatives

and landing pages.

Test Different Headlines, Copy, Visuals & CTAs

The more tests you conduct, the better. Just because an ad worked last year does not mean it will work forever. You should always be testing and adjusting to keep your message relevant to your audience
Be sure to keep your message relevant to your audience

Analyze Results To Determine Best-Performing Combinations
Let the actual data lead your decision-making
Pay attention to seasonality and Holidays and adjust during those times

Continuous testing and optimization lead to improved campaign performance and improved impact.

Monitor Performance Metrics

Tracking key performance metrics allows for data-driven adjustments and


Track Key Metrics

Each business will have different KPI’s and you need to determine which KPI’s are truly driving conversions and track those. If you focus on a KPI simply because you saw it on a blog, you could be tracking a meaningless number. Figure out which metrics drive conversions and focus on those first and foremost. One of our metrics for each client is LTV. We know that if we prioritize LTV over ROAS we are thinking holistically and not just about one campaign

Here are some examples of easy fixes to KPIs that may be important for your business.

Bad CPC, CPMs, and CTR = Replace your ads oryour ad copy
Expensive CPL, cost per booked appointment, or CPA = Fix your landing page conversion rates (GA4 in Funnel Exploration is PERFECT for this)
Horrible lead quality = Try making your targeting more narrow OR pre-frame your audience with more sales funnel steps/filters

Make Data-Driven Adjustments To Optimize Performance

Data, Data, Data. Once you have found the KPI’s that actually matter, adjust based on that data and nothing else. Often we get caught up in vanity metrics that don’t actually help the bottom line or we have a hunch about something that isn’t born out in the numbers. Follow the data and adjust

Above All, Use Profit As Your Main Driver For Adjustments For Your Campaigns

It’s wonderful to have a lot of followers or a really good CTR, but if it isn’t actually improving your profits, it’s a waste. Your business can only survive with profits, so adjust with that as the main goal

Monitoring your KPI’s is essential for success with your Google Ads campaigns

and landing pages.

When these 7-steps are implemented in your Google Ads and marketing strategy overall, you will be able to see real growth and sustainable scale.

At Big Life Marketing, we use these steps to help our clients scale to 6 & 7-figures per month in revenue. It's important to note that while each business is different and implementation looks different for everyone, the principles remain the same.

If you can invest at least $15k/Month on marketing, partner with our team of experts so that you can focus on what you really love - your business.

Author: Christie Brady

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